Choosing environmentally friendly furniture

Whether at home or in the office, the decoration of the spaces that make up our day-to-day can also have a strong green inspiration, beginning with the choice of furniture: it consists of harmful materials to health? The wood used is sustainable? What is the impact of the production of a piece of furniture on the environment? Before the next acquisition, know how to choose environmentally friendly furniture.



Buy Used


One of the best ways to choose environmentally friendly furniture is to buy used. Besides the offer be wide and quite economical, buy second hand furniture has several green advantages: used furniture already released volatile organic compounds (substances that impair air quality and that are harmful to health) that are characteristic of new furniture; saves on energy costs associated with the production of new furniture; avoids burdening landfills with pieces of furniture that could be recycled and reused. Buying used also does not mean you have to give up your decorative style – Transform furniture second-hand with fresh paint (eco-preferred) or new textiles (preferably organic).


Recycle what you already have


Before discarding that old sofa or that iron bed, think of ways you can take advantage of and recycle the furniture you have, instead of throwing them away and buy everything new. Some layers of paint in a different color can revitalize a table, applying new handles in a comfortable quilt or a set of chairs with a new fabric, can give a new life to any piece of furniture, without negative influence on the environment. A greener life also involves how we treat our furniture …



If you buy new, avoid hazardous materials


Of course it is not always possible to avoid buying new furniture. However, even in these cases you can purchase environmentally friendly furniture, simply delete models produced the plastic base (unless they are recycled), chipboard, MDF or veneer finishes. A greener choice always lies with furniture in solid wood and, ideally, that wood must be sustainable. The stainless steel parts are also recommended, since they are composed of several elements recycled and does not contain volatile organic compounds, which means will not release any harmful gases into the environment and the home. Whenever buying new furniture, open division of the windows in question, airing it frequently for several days in order to quickly eliminate the volatile organic compounds released by new parts.


Choose the pieces on display


Another friendly way to buy furniture environment is to acquire the pieces already on display rather than those that are packed in a warehouse. The furniture on display has already released most of the volatile organic compounds it contains, thus preventing this liberation be given later at home. Who knows, you can take advantage of a discount and save money too!


Choose green design


Buy environmentally friendly furniture does not mean an old-fashioned or outmoded decor, quite the opposite! Currently, there is already a green design wave that favors recycled and sustainable materials such as glass, cork, tires and bamboo, among others, to create original furniture, contemporary and, of course, very green.


Buy handmade furniture


Furniture made by hand is an excellent green tip if you are considering purchasing a new piece of furniture – can learn firsthand what materials used in its confection or else request that any piece of furniture to run the greenest way possible. In addition to supporting local artisans, and thus prevent production and transportation costs, will have a piece of environmentally friendly decoration, unique and personalized.


Thinking beyond the structure


Any piece of furniture is not only made up for its structure, ie, it is also necessary to observe the finishing environmentally friendly. When you purchase sofas, chairs, armchairs, benches or ottomans, ensure that the textile furnishings strand is produced with 100% natural fabrics and fibers: organic cotton, wool, linen, hemp, bamboo, sisal, sea grass and coconut fiber , among others. Reason The same applies to the purchase of mattresses that to be environmentally friendly should be the natural latex, wool, organic cotton or melamine.

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