Essential skills

Each of the modules and lessons in our course aims to teach you about a specific area of interior design. There are, however, a number of key skills that span several modules which, to be most effective, need to be developed throughout your training. Using creativity as an example, many people think that only certain people are born with an inherant ability to be creative, and although we agree that creativity and visualisation cannot be taught in one or two simple lessons, we do believe that just about everyone has some level of creativity, and that it can nurtured using direction, exercises, and encouragement; hence we start the process of working with you on your creative aptitude almost from day one of your training.

Likewise, drawing and presentation are skills that require practice and patience to master, but as you advance through your training your ability to draw room layouts and to present your ideas will, with support and guidance, improve to a standard where you can convey your ideas accurately and attractively, with the ultimate objective of winning potential clients. Therefore, we prefer to teach this and other essential skills from early in the course to help you build upon them throughout your training.

So, running through each of the modules are a number of lessons and exercises to help you develop these four essential – or core – skills, and these are:

  • design
  • creativity, visualisation and inspiration
  • developing interior design terminology
  • drawing and presentation skills

During your training you will be encouraged to practice and enhance these skills to a level where they become almost second nature.

And now that you know a little about what you will learn, it is time to look at your course work, so this way please…